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(1) Logo

The design explains that the concept of this scheme design is to highlight the space and sense of space and the combination of dynamic and static elements. The plan layout of the whole scheme is mainly based on a rising derrick. the company. "T" and "R" are the capital letters of the first and last pinyin of Thai and Seoul respectively, which makes it easy for people to see these two letters and think of Thai petroleum technology. "T" and "R" reflect a dynamic element, and the combination of the rising derrick and "T" and "R" presents a contrast and coordination. The design is dominated by eye-catching red and dark gray bezels, which reflects Tyre's vitality and stability, creating a perfect combination of movement and static.

There is nothing difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to climb!

Asking the top of the mountain, the sun is even brighter!

(2) Connotation

Gu Ruotaiyue Yeshun Erkang

(3) Interpretation

The word "Tai" is used as the name of the company, and the meanings of Taishan, Taiyue, Ping'an and Kangning were chosen;

The word "Er" is used after the word "Tai" as an auxiliary word to form the word "Ter". It is elegant and refined, and has a rich connotation. It means that the company has a solid foundation, as firm as a rock, and as stable as Taishan. After that, the scenery was good and Futai Xiang'an. Doing things like climbing. Difficult to climb, doing things, climbing to the top of the mountain, achieving the high point of the career, even more difficult. In order to achieve the goal, we must choose a correct way to climb ; There must be a leader who leads the ranks, expands his horizons, forges ahead, and climbs the peak; he must have a development philosophy of seeking truth, being pragmatic, scientifically advanced, and advanced in consciousness; Unique brand technology and patented products; there must be a team of hard-working, hard-working, hard-working, dedicated, and ambitious employees; a cohesive, healthy, harmonious and friendly, Botai Ning'an life and work surroundings.



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